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      I used the vertical mode for text on a photo. When I returned to horizontal mode ALL my fonts only appear in Upper case letters. I'm not sure what I did that caused this, so I don't know how to change it back. Can someone please help me? I really need to know how to return to both upper and lower case letters so I can add text captions to my photos. My "Caps Lock" is not turned on on my computer keyboard.

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          hatstead MVP

          Try resetting the text tool. In earlier versions of the program, there is a little arrow on the tool's option bar, top left. Click on it, then reset. In PSEv.11 it is said to be (I don't have v.11) at the bottom right; look for a box with lines in it.

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            I've had the exact same issue lately -- being stuck in ALL CAPS while in horizontal mode -- but I know that in the past (albeit several months ago), this was not an issue. 


            And I have tried resetting the text tool -- but it doesn't change things at all.