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    downgrading from cs6 to cs5.5 ?


      I have a Mac osx 10.8.4.  Having rendering problems with cs6 after effects.  Slow and buggy and lack of memory erros.  Does not perfome well at all.  After reading many forums about issue.  I have desided to move back to CS5.5 after effects. 


      Here is the problem.  I have CS5 design premium.  I have located a CS5.5 after effects upgrade.  Can i upgrade one stand alone application from a suite?  I know you can not do that upgrading from cs5.5 to cs6, but what about moving backwards?


      If not, can I increase memory and power to a 3.06 GHZ intel core i3, 4gb 1333 MHz Ram Mac?  Will this solve the problem?