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    Dynamic WSDL URL

    DarrenBiz Level 3

      I was wondering if its possible to dynamically change the WSDL URL within the Invoke Web Service activity. I need to deploy the application to multiple environments and need to set this via a configuration parameter at run time.


      I can change the Target URL but not the WSDL URL dynamically which means when I deploy it to another environment, it needs access to whatever WSDL URL I put in for the development environment. If this WSDL should ever change or become offline (as dev servers often do) then my production system will cease to function.


      The closest workaround is this: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/livecycle/gmZFeCr1BOM/7MKXOOXTC4AJ


      This is not always feasible as we don’t always have access to HOST files and infrastructure people are very nervous when we ask to edit host configurations. Plus this is quite kludgy.


      Why does the WSDL need to be accessed before a call to it is made?