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    Audio not importing from PP to AE (5.5)


      I am baffled and hope that some one can help. I am working with a third party AE Template (No pluggins) and I have tried several ways but still no audio imports to AE. Original footage is from an HD Camera CF card and was pulled into my Mac as options: .CIF, .CPF, .XML, .MXF & .SIF.  The MXL (VLC File) is what I used for import into PP, which works great, however, when I start working in AE, no audio is pulled in. I have check on RAM Preview and even the Waveform is blank in the comp???


      Any ideas, project due 7/10/13, starting to panic!



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you can get the footage to work with audio in Premiere Pro you can export just an audio track or you can export footage to a production codec with audio. This would be a last resort. If you have Apple pro video apps I would suggest transcoding to ProRez


          What kind of camera? What kind of file. All of those extensions could be just about anything. Sony and Panasonic have importers that package the footage in usable containers. We still don't know enough about your project to give specific directions.


          If the footage came from a DSLR I would suggest that you use Magic Bullet Grinder to import and package your footage.

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            500mph Level 1

            Thanks Rick,


            I was able to take one scene, unlink the audio, pull the video into AE and add the effects then pull back into PP and match. Takes a bit, and I have 62 scene to build of a virtual broadcast news room, and I am running out of time


            Camera is Canon XF100, the PP property file type reads XDCAM-HD 422 Movie, frame rate of 29.97


            Unfortunately, I am not familiar with ProRez...silver bullet?


            I will check with Canon for possible usable import container.


            ...ugh (thank you)

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I did a quick search and found that there's a Canon import utility to wrap all of these files up in a package that can be easily read. You'll find a doc here that explains it.


              There are also several discussions about workflow with this camera on the net. There are discussions in the Premiere forum suggesting that a good alternative workflow is to use the Media browser to import your files into Premiere Pro. From there you could right click on a clip and select Create After Effects Composition.


              This camera is not unlike others that split audio and video into separate files. Before they can be effectively used in production the elements need to be combined into a single container. That's what import utilities are for.

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                500mph Level 1

                Excellent Rick, rolling up my sleeves now, I will keep you posted - Thank you very, very, much!