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    Help!? Mp4 Question Reloaded!


      Does anyone has a proper code for inserting and play (with or without controls) mp4 video file?


      all of scherene files are unavailable and I cant seem to get this working:


      on compositionReady:


      sym.$("vid_down").append('<video class="video1" id="down" width="768px" height="594px" preload="none"><source src="back_new.mp4" type="video/mp4"/></video>');



      Your Help will be highly appreciated



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          Comfunex Level 2

          Dont know why but this works:


          var vid = $("<video autoplay width='768' height='594'>" +

                    "<source src='back_new.mp4' type='video/mp4'/>" +




          but! loop is not working??? any thoughts?