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    Will Upgrading my Video Card Speed Up Renders?

    Bad Habit Studios Level 1

      I'm running PPro5 on a 64 bit Windows 7 machine w/8G of RAM that uses a 2.8GHz i7 Intel CPU.


      Rendering .m2t source video take frelling eons and if I've added filters or corrections the time stretches into forever.

      Seriously, 1 minute of.m2t video with equalization, color correction, and a plug-in glamor filter came take well over 3 hours to render.

      Which is fraking RIDICULOUS!

      .mpg, .mov,  .avis, and the like are no problem, but the mpeg transport stream codecs can tie up my machine for days and weeks.


      My current video card *is* weak [Radeon HD 5700], but before upgrading to PPro5 that really wasn't an issue.  Before I invest $$$ in a card upgrade I'd like to know if it would even be worth it.


      Input from the Peanut Gallery would be much appreciated.