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    Can't Capture In/Out Points using MXO2 in Premiere CS6


      I've been attempting to capture SD footage from a Sony DSR-45 deck through the component inputs of my Matrox MXO2 LE as Apple ProRes.  I have deck control through the DV/HDV Firewire protocol and the capture window shuttles and plays tape normally, but if I attempt to capture using In/Out points or batch capture a clip, the video plays and the capture window says it is capturing, but goes past the out point without stopping.  If I escape out of the capture manually, the entire clip is lost.


      The only way I can capture footage in this environment is to set deck control to "none" and manually punch in and out of the capture, very annoying and time consuming when you have lots of clips spread over many tapes. 


      I'm on a Mac Pro running OS 10.7.5 and Premiere Pro 6.0.2 and the latest Matrox drivers with support that configuration. 


      Anybody else run into this issue?