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    Is there a way to do a 'Lite' save for Flash CC so it doesn't take so long to save?

    Salt & Vinegar

      Bonjour mes amis



      I'm doing a hand-drawn (Wacom), black and white, traditional style animation. Nothing fancy at all is being used. No symbols. No tweening. Just black brush strokes on a plain white stage. Lots of keyframes (500+ drawings), across multiple layers.



      In earlier version of Flash (CS3 and CS4) this type of scene would save pretty quickly. .


      In Flash CC, this type of scene seems to take much, much longer to save. Approaching a minute sometimes. I assume this is because many more variables are being saved, to account for the increased feature set of CC over SC3 and CS4



      Can I force Flash CC to strip out the redundant data that I'm not using and in effect have a streamlined 'Lite' save?



      Merci beaucoup for any help or suggestions.


      NOTE - this applies to saving locally. not across a network or into the cloud.


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