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    Easy way to sync left and right audio from different sources?


      I primarily film single camera concerts using a Sony Z1 - when available I will take a sound board feed into channel 1, and a live auditorium feed from a mono mic into channel 2. Due to distance from the stage (and light being faster than sound, etc), the sound board feed is in sync with the video, and the auditorium feed is between 1 and 3 frames behind. Is there an easy way for me to take the entire bin of clips, and just move that auditorium feed back in sync with the video and the sound board feed, on the raw clips?


      Previously I've been doing this by dropping the clips to the timeline, unlinking the tracks, manually sliding the sync on the auditorium feed back by the required number of frames, and linking everything back up again. I sync the audio visually using the waveform display (prior to Premiere CC).


      I have two problems with this in Adobe Premiere CC. Firstly, the audio waveforms don't look like waveforms any more (and there doesn't seem to be any way to change the display back to the old way?). So now I'm syncing the auditorium feed by sound only, because I can't see anything in the display to sync from any more - both channels just look like random noise (almost).


      Secondly, I do film a few multi camera events, and I'd obviously love to be able to use the new sync feature for multicam. But I know up front that the audio channels on all clips aren't in sync with the video (the camera fed from the sound board will be in sync, the camera taking the live feed will be out as per above). Surely there must be a way where I can correct the audio sync to the video on the raw clips first, before telling Adobe to sync the clips based on audio? Otherwise it is all going to be misaligned, and require manual sync adjustment anyway? Again, what I've done previously is set marker points on identical frames, sync'd in multi camera (so the video is now all good), and then manually adjusted the audio sync before editing.