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    Indesign CC Progress Bar Colour

    KiersM Level 1



      This will probably seem like a trifling issue, and it probably is, but it does bug me a little..


      Loving the new dark UI in Indesign CC, but when I open a document I end up doing a double take that I've used the right app...


      The progress bar that comes up is a dark grey dialog with an 'Illustrator-Orange' bar, so even though I'm opening an INDD, I momentarily question if I opened it in Illustrator by mistake


      As Illustrator is heavily themed with that colour, it would seem to me that interface elements InDesign should be a shade of purple to make it clear what app the dialog relates to - or at least white / grey.


      Just a thought. Not a biggy, no one's dying because of it, but perhaps worth some consideration from a HCI standpoint...


      Does this bug anyone else or is it just me?