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    Why reinventing the wheel ?


      What a bad surprise this morning as I came back to Kuler for a new web design project...

      Nearly all the power, simplicity of use and efficency of this beloved app had gone, why ?

      Changing for the sake of changing is a sign of our time, but is hoppeless if it doesn't bring some improvement...

      Please give us back the old site or build a new one with more, not with less.


      We need :

      - the "create with an image" function;

      - to be abble to reorder and suppress colors in the swatches;

      - the flexibility of use that was quite good before;


      We don't need :

      - the wheel in front of the swathes that makes colors confuse;

      - thick color frames around the colors;

      - a bulky design that look trendy but makes things confuse;


      This app, as it is now, is not usable anymore for real work. It has become a toy...


      Sorry to say all that :-(

      Hope you can restore things or/and developp something better

      We loved you :-)