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    Disappearing bins


      Any ideas?  I had 8 - 10 bins established, with many clips in each bin.  I was working with the files in one bin yesterday, when I saved and closed out.  When I reopened Premiere Pro CS6 all the bins were gone.  All I saw were the files from the bin I was working from, but even that bin was gone.  What could possibly have happened?  I've just cleared out my media cache database, but obviously that didn't bring the bins back, or all the clips that were in them.  Before I go to all the work of recnstituting the bins, I'd like some sense of what happened.


      Another concern is that I am capturing HDV from camera.  It's nice that I can log clips right to the appropriate bins, and all those bins are still there in the capture window.  But when I create new ones with the same name, I'm expecting trouble.


      Thanks for any help.