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    Premiere CC shutting down


      Hello people. I'm having huge problems with recently installed premiere pro CC, 64 bit on my laptop. On the desktop computer it works well but on laptop not. It simply turns off right after turning on, or after some time.

      I didn't have such problems with cs6.

      My platform is Windows 7 home premium, GPU Nvidia GTX 660m, tntel i7 3630Qm 2.40GHz

      I tried CUDA acceleration, OpenCL and Software Only. All the same:




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          painted-desk Level 1

          I've uninstalled and installed Premiere Pro third time, and it's even worser. Do I have to remove all CC software and start one more time? There's a message, programme turn off due to a problem. System will close the software and will inform you if there's a solution available. But nothing happens after closing down.

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            That you were able to try OpenCL is curious.  That doesn't even show as an option for me because I don't have any ATI/AMD graphics installed.  If OpenCL is showing up for you as an option, that suggests that you do have ATI/AMD graphics available.  I'm not sure how, given the Intel CPU and the nVidia card, but you might try going into the BIOS and disabling all on-board graphics, leaving only the nVidia.

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              painted-desk Level 1

              You may have right man, I do have integrated Intel Graphic Card and nVidia also. I will try to disable Intel GPU.