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    SWF control with nested swf's

    frenchi30 Level 1
      Hi All,

      I've need to create a swf controller that will control a loaded swf file. I've got that working now, however the problem is with the nested children. When the scrubber or the stop/play buttons are pressed, the nested movie clips or loaded swf files just keep playing... How could I control the movie including its children with my swf controller? The end result is to simulate a captivate controller.

      Anyone please?

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          clbeech Level 3
          AS2 or AS3? however, you could control them by calling to the instance name of the loading MC, or if you have them referenced in an array, loop through the array, or if your trying to stop all clips try something like:
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            frenchi30 Level 1
            Hi there,

            thank-you for your reply, much appreciated. However, how would I handle the scrubber? For instance, when the scrubber selected and then dropped. If when it was selected there was a nested mc playing, then when it was dropped it was no longer playing? or vice versa? Know what I mean?

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              frenchi30 Level 1
              Anyone know anything about this please? It's killin me

              Must appreciated
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                clbeech Level 3
                well, let's see, if you 'know' what MC was being scrubed at the time (which must be since it's being manipulated by the scrubber code) call to the path when the scruber is dropped (ie. in an onRelease handler or something) to stop the MC, or to loop through a list of all MCs within the one being scubbed. So instead of useing the 'this' keyword, call to the instance of the MC being manipulated at the time, as in:
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                  I just completed something exactly like this for a project in Flash 8, and clbeech is pretty much right. Here is how i solved the issue.

                  The easiest solution (assumming your clips are animations) is to make them graphic symbols and set them to "Play Once"
                  if you want them to stop and scrub with the rest of the movie/animation.

                  if you just want them to stop, and dont care about them scrubbing. the code clbeech offered should certainly work.