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    JavaScript-based collaboration driver in Acrobat XI

    Mukesh_rathod1 Level 1

           Is documentation in SDK for XI valid ? I have an implementation thats based on the below documentation and it does not seem to add SDKSampleSOAPAnnotStore.

      This works in acrobat 10. I am hearing that this has been dicontinued since acobat XI




      // Here is the URL for a SOAP HTTP service:

      var mySetting = "http://sampleSite/comments.asmx?WSDL";

      // Here is the internal name for the collaborative store:

      var myType = "mySOAPCollabSample";

      // Set the connection settings for the SOAP collab store:

      Collab.setStoreSettings(mySetting, myType);

      // Set the default collab store:

      Collab.defaultStore = myType;

      // Add the collab store to the Acrobat Collab servers:

      if (typeof SOAPFileSys == "undefined")



      "SOAP Sample",


      // Annot store instantiation function is required:

      create: function(doc, user, settings)


      if (settings && settings != "")

      return new SDKSampleSOAPAnnotStore(

      doc, user, settings



      return null;