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    LR5 Import Issue: Photos do not show in import window


      When trying to import CR2/JPEG files into LR5, the import window shows the file folders empty even though I can see the files in windows explorer.  I've also importing them from different locations (From the camera, memory card, hard drive) and still shows up blank.  The kicker is I can open/import them through canon DPP and LR 4.4.



      Here are some specifics of my system:

      • Tested on Windows 7 64bit
      • Running administrative account with no permission issues
      • I've uninstalled/installed LR5 several times which didn't resolve the issue
      • I've tried importing an upgrade of my existing LR4.4 catalog and also with a new catalog.


      I created a video that captures my normal workflow.  As you can see, LR5 cannot see any of the photos (CR2 and JPG) from the memory card or hard drive but LR4.4 can see them both with no issues.  Any help would be great.