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    Automatically closing all other TOC books - a solution (is there a better one?)

    Rsfl Level 1

      Hi all,


      I wanted the WebHelp to automatically close the open books when I open a topic in a book. Thus only displaying the contents of one book at a time.


      After some fiddeling I found this solution. It is sort of slugish do to the reload though, maybe someone knows a better way?



      First, add Willams scipt to always show the navigation pane:



      Then open the whtdata0_xml.js file and change all items adding  the attribute target=\"_top\" . You can do this using a search & replace.


      For example, this item element:

      <item name=\"topic_title\" url=\"mytopic.htm\" />


      must be changed like this:

      <item name=\"topic_title\" url=\"mytopic.htm\" target=\"_top\" />



      This forces the page to reload each time, which closes all other books except for the current one.