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    Keying: R3D RAW vs Panasonic (and others)

    Pierre Devereux Level 2



      I have a largely random question, that I am looking for, if not an answer, then maybe just a pointer in the right direction.


      If I shoot a character in front of a green screen (This was a real person, and not one of our miniatures! ) with our Panasonic AF101 and our R3D Scarlet, and I bring both pieces of footage into After Effects as is - and then apply Keylight. The single click key (albe it far from perfect) is way, way cleaner on the panasonic than the R3D.


      I am wondering why this is. I have come up with two possible reasons (and there might be many, many more)


      1) The camera sensor reacts differently to light, and so the exposure on the Panasonic might be better than the Scarlet

      2) The Panasonic camera has built in looks, and does not shoot RAW footage. The R3D reads colour differently, and so trying to key the R3W footage may not be the best way to go.


      I am asking the question, fully aware that the single key click never works, and that there are several methods to key, but I am hoping that someone has a lot of experience working and keying R3W to give me some tips.


      for instance, should I maybe run the R3W through RedCineX first, and make colour changes before I key, or should I immediately transcode to another codec before keying?


      Any assistance would be appreciated.


      I am currently busy with a render, but I will try to pull a quick screenshot from the different cameras, with a "One click key" for comparrison and attach them tomorrow.



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's simply the difference in the color range of each cameras and the difference in the way the cameras are rendering the green. You can even see differences with different lenses. Some lenses produce different colors than others with the same camera. The cause there is the type of lens coatings and the angle of the light.

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            Pierre Devereux Level 2

            Hi Rick,


            so the fact of the matter, is to basically get to know your camera, get to know your glass, get to know your lighting for your studio, and make your workflow go from there?



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              Pierre Devereux Level 2



              Ill take some more test footage during the week and see what I can come up with. Since our shoots are set specific, Ill see if I can perfect the "look" and save them to the camera. That should save us some set up time.



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                Pierre Devereux Level 2

                Hi Rick,


                Just an update for you - It definately was a "User issue" with the R3D RAW and keying.


                As you said, it is all about the difference in camera, lens and lighting, or ways that the camera reacts in lighting.


                We are seriously underlighting at the moment. When I recorded the last time, alongside another camera, the keying was great for their take, but absolutely horrible for the R3D - Widest Aperture, High (within reason Gain) slightly slower shutter speed, as no motion blur was required, and still, the keying was a nightmare.


                I then took a greenscreen outside, under the sunlight, and proceeded to pull an almost perfect, "One Key Key" of our editor standing in front of it.


                So I will take the next week or so to re-look at our lighting, and maybe get a 2000W blondie or two on the set as well.


                Have a great week, and thank you for your continued input  By the way, we have finally completed the shows intro! What a milestone!


                Epsidoe shooting starts shortly - what fun!


                Cheers - Pierre