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    How to create a date field that is fixed upon signing?




      I have been creating a series of PDF forms on Adobe XI Pro that are designed to be filled in using Adobe Reader (hence are saved as Adobe Reader Extended). Once the form is complete there are signature fields that the user digitally signs which then deactivates specific form fields from further editing. Alongside the signature field I have got a date field which, at the moment, is using JavaScript to auto-generate the current date upon opening. However, the issue I am having is that I want this date field to be fixed when the form is signed, rather than updating again when the form is next opened. Is this possible?


      The document JavaScript that I am currently using to generate the date is as follows:


      this.getField("Date1").value = util.printd("dd/mmm/yyyy", new Date());


      But obviously this is independent of the signature field.


      How can I create a date field that is fixed with the current date upon signing?


      I am very new to Adobe in general so I don't have much of an idea about how to go about doing this. Could somebody please help me to do this if it is possible?


      Thank you