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    Mini DV archive project.

    seanvee Level 1

      Hello all-


      I have a small collection of Mini DV tapes that I plan on capturing this week. I'm using a MacBook Pro 5,1 (2008 Unibody) and I have 8GB of RAM and I'm running 10.8.4. I've borrowed a Sony HVRM15AU deck from a friend to do the capture with.


      I'm looking to do lossless captures for every tape. Large/raw files are ideal since I will be using clips from the tapes for years to come and HD space isn't an issue. The only thing I ever plan on doing to these archived digital copies is some kind of a conversion if compatibility ever becomes an issue in my lifetime.


      What I would like to know is, am I creating lossless captures when using the deck and capturing straight to DV? From what I understand, a capture from a camera/deck using FW/iLink is a lossless capture. I captured a test clip and opened it up in VLC (see attached photo) and I'm not sure if the information I'm looking at proves that I did the best possible capture. If it's any help, this two second test clip was 10MB and another test clip that was 1:19 (minutes/seconds) in length was 284.3 MB.

      Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 12.50.43 PM.png

      If not, I'd really like to know what I did wrong and how to resolve it. Also, if my idea of a lossless capture isn't really archival, I'd love to hear your opinions on a good container / codec for an archival master or any other suggestions.


      Thank you all so much.