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    Creating PDF from Word using Acrobat XI the text on images is flipped

    Matthew Kevin Warburton

      When I PDF a Word document with images in - the text from the images is recognised but is mirrored and flipped upside down.  This is only happening on graph type images, so each image has a title with writing on the X and Y axis (all which are part of the same JPEG inside word), so i'm guessing Acrobat/Distiller is regognising the text but for some reason it thinks it is going in the wrong direction and doing some sort of autocorrect when creating the PDF.  I have gone through every setting I can see in Distiller with no luck.


      This is using Word 2010 and creating the PDF using the ribbon with Acrobat XI.  Even when inside Acrobat I can't seem to get the text the right way as mirroring text doesn't seem to be an option, only mirroring an image, but when selected in Acrobat it recognises it as text.  Perhaps turning OCR off would help if that is possible.  Although it would be better to stop it happening in the initial creation of the PDF rather than having to edit it.  This problem doesn't happen in any other previous versions we have used.  Anyone have any ideas?