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    Problem rendering shadows with Firefox PDF plugin


      When I add shadowing to pictures and text in InDesign and export to a PDF, the PDF reader in Firefox fails to render the shadows correctly. It renders them as black boxes rather than gradients. Here is a sample export of a photo that I shadowed in InDesign...


      I've only found Firefox to be the problem. In the PDF readers I have this same PDF displays fine. The PDF reader for Chrome, and Internet Explorer display fine as well. Here's how the same PDF exported from InDesign appears with other browsers/readers...

      ShadowedPictureInChrome.jpgI am posting a newsletter with shadowing to our website, so I would like the display of shadowing to work in all browsers. Any way to export the PDF from InDesign without displaying black boxes in Firefox?


      If all else fails, I am thinking I may have to remove the shadowing from the PDF version of our newsletter... but I would really prefer to keep the shadowing. Any ideas/suggestions?