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    Indesign book to epub: chapter trouble



      Following best practice advice, I split my manuscript into individual chapter documents and combined them in a book file. However, when exporting from Indesign CS4 to epub, extra chapters are being added to my document, without any rhyme or reason that I can tell. After Chapter 9 (the last chapter), the book begins again from Chapter 2 and continues through Chapter 9. After that, it continues from Chapter 4...I have an extra 300 pages in my file! Where are they coming from?

      Also, the file breaks are ignored, and the text flows continuously with no page break between chapters, despite the fact that they are separate files. How can I get ID to respect the file breaks and start each one on a new page?

      Thanks in advance

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          For epub production I would strongly recommend to use the latest version InDesing CC because this part is the most improved of all areas. CS4 ist not very capable to produce epubs it has only some basics. So you will find only shortcommings in epub functionality.

          From CS6 upwards is also no need to splitt a document in several chapters, becaus the export tagging and split document option wre added.