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    Shortcut Keys "studder" and fail to work - CS6

    naturescape_peopletecture Level 1

      Hello all,


      I love Indesign and use shortcuts very frequently. However, lately or every-so-often the most simple of shortcuts such as "v" or "t" are not functioning properly.  I will zoom in on some text, and pan by holding space bar (direct selct is current tool) and then simply tap "t" for the text tool and I can tell InDesign recognizes the shortcut because it studders or shudders for a few seconds...as in the tool bar running along the top will flash and go blank, stay blank for 3 seconds, and then return to its normal look WITHOUT the text tool becoming the current tool. It remains as the direct select tool. This happens with other shortcuts as well.


      I want to note that I do often use the alt+mouse scroll to zoom in and out and I know you have to be careful when pushing the alt key because it activates the program menu panel (File, Edit, etc), But i assure you when I try these shortcuts, the top menu panel is not activated with the alt key.


      Anyone have this happen to them or know whats going on?


      It gets a little frustrating because for the past 5 years I had no problem hitting "v" and "t" and now I have to move my mouse 1" to click the icon,