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    Need help with the new Multi-cam feature in CC

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      I'm trying to use the Multi-cam feature in CC and have a few questions, so would be happy with help/advice for any of the issues below. The platform is Windows 7 Pro 64bit.


      The first question is what am I doing wrong? This question relates to the fact I'm trying to use Multi-cam and encountering a lot of frustrating glitches, as sometimes it seems to work and at others it doesn't.


      The video I'm trying to edit comes from a dance show so I created a sequence called Act 1. I then highlighted the six clips of Act 1 with Cam 01 at the top, as I wanted the audio from this clip and made a Multi-cam feature using the audio synch. I dragged it to the sequence, set the prog window to Multi-cam and was amazed at how well it had synchronised all clips, as I could see all six clips with great audio synch from Cam 01. So far so good and after thinking how brilliant it was, things went downhill from there


      I started by using ripple delete to drag to the start of Act one and then tried editing with Multi-cam. That's where I encountered the first problem, as sometimes it seemed to toggle between cams but didn't put edit points in and the selected cam had a yellow border and not a red one. At other times it inserted edit points when I changed cams and the selected cam has a red border. I can't work out what I'm doing, or not doing for this to happen. Can anyone help please?


      The second question is how do I cut audio and video at exactly the same point, as I want to edit out pauses in between the different elements of the actual dance show. When I use the razor tool in Multi-cam it only cuts the video. I tried highliting audio and video using shift, but to no effect. If it matters audio and video are shown as linked when I right click. I thought I might get it to work if I revealed all original clips within the MC nest using the technique shown in "Adobe Learn." This was Ctrl double click, but it resulted in the third problem.


      When I tried Ctrl double click I ended up with only Cam 02 showing in the V2 track and after some frustrating attempts at resolving this issue I decided to start all over again. I deleted the PP project and created a new one, importing everything again. I followed exactly the same procedure as I originally did to create a Multi-cam nest, but when I dragged it to the new sequence I saw Cam 02 in V2 of the sequence, which is the same as it was before I deleted the original project. Premiere Pro seems to have annoyingly remembered the actions that went wrong, so please can anyone tell me how to tell Premiere Pro not to do this?


      Thanks if anyone can help me on any of the issues.