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    Question: Can Flash Player Cause BSoDs?


      Hi, I'm new to the forum and actually signed up mostly to ask this question.


      I've had my laptop for over 18 months (19 now actually), and over the course of using it I may have had one - maybe 3 BSoD's max, but in the past 3-4 days, I've had 10 at least. Things I've noticed:


      -The number of BSoD's increased after I got both Microsoft Security Essentials AND McAfee, which is a possible cause.


      -I doubt it's a browser issue, because although the issue initially started in Chrome (not my default browser but the main one I've been using nevertheless), I've also had this experience in Firefox and IE10.


      -Blue Screens can happen at anytime but almost always happen after 7 pm, hasn't happened before then in a while (including in the past few days).


      -The BSoD doesn't happen by me just being on the computer, the computer idling, or me being on the internet; the minute I open applications/pages that require Adobe Flash Player (i.e. Pinger Textfree) I will get a blue screen within 3-5 minutes tops. After I reboot the system, I don't get another one until I reopen the application.


      -Error when I reboot: Worker Thread Bad at IRQL. I've been doing research on this error and it could be having MSE and McAfee like I mentioned earlier, but I would prefer to first confirm that it more than likely isn't Flash Player since there's evidence to suggest it is.


      -My system is Windows 7 Premium, 64 bit, 8 GB Ram, 640 GB Hard Drive, 2.4 GHz i5 intel processor. Something to note; I noticed that prior to today, the Flash Player I had installed was a 32 bit version. I've since been trying to see if I can install the 64 bit version.


      Also, sorry I have not posted the Minidump files or any other reference files, just posted the scenario, I suppose to see if I'm the only one with this issue and/or if I should eliminate this possibility as the cause of my blue screens.


      Thank you!


      EDIT: I've also been scanning for viruses, and have found none.