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    InDesign CS6 clearing overrides when it shouldn't

    M-S-Miller Level 1

      We have InDesign CS6 (version 8.0.1) running on a Mac OSX 10.6.8. When a paragraph has overrides (i.e., local character formatting, tracking, etc.) in it, and we change it from one paragraph style to another, the overrides are being cleared. Is there a preference somewhere that controls this behavior? We want it to KEEP those overrides unless we specifically tell the program to clear overrides. Here's what we've figured out thus far:

      • applying the style by right-clicking the style name in the Paragraph Style pallette and choosinge "Apply <stylename>" has the same effect as choosing "Apply <stylename>, clear overrides"
      • It only happens on files that started as CS5.5 files, but have now been saved up to CS6 documents
      • It only seems to happen on one computer in the office, but not another computer

      Anyone have insight?