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    After Effects Issue uploading to Youtube - Screen Resolution


      Hi All


      I've been struggling lately trying to get my set of youtube videos to appear at the proper resolution and ideally fullscreen without the black bars at the side.


      Youtubes recommended sizes:


      • 1080p: 1920x1080
      • 720p: 1280x720
      • 480p: 854x480
      • 360p: 640x360
      • 240p: 426x240


      My original videos are recorded in 1280x1024 which is what my screen resolution is set to, when I drop these videos into AE i set the comp size to 1280x1024 and i get a normal correct sized video. However when i render it out and upload it to the site I am given black bars down the side of the video and it does not appear full screen. (The quality is not great either if you do go fullscreen mode in the player - but the bars remain)


      Now youtube state this is fine and works ok but as a personal preference i'd just like the video to fit the player.


      but your not rendering at the recommended settings I hear you say; well, when I change the comp setting to 1280x720 i lose the top of my video and I am stuck as to how to fix it. Is the issue i'm having to do with the original video size, should i change resolution and record at 1280x720 (i dont have a widescreen) or is there a way around this in AE? I hope its not as easy as just scaling the video down in AE and forcing it to fit, something just feels wrong when I do that.


      i would apprecaite any help! I really would.



      (Additional - Recorded at 30FPS and Output in H.284

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          joshweiland Level 2

          I'm assuming you're recording screen captures of your computer screen?


          The problem is with aspect ratios.  Your screen resolution of 1280x1024 is more squarish (similar to an old-school TV, but not quite 4:3 aspect ratio).


          Both 1080p and 720p resolutions have a widescreen, rectangular aspect ratio (16:9).  So trying to fit your squarish video into a rectangular frame results in the issues you're encountering.


          Option #1: Keep your footage as it is, at 1280x1024, with a 1080p comp.  This will result in "barn doors", black bars on the left and right.  There will also be some black at the top and bottom.  There's nothing "wrong" with this approach, and it will look much better than your first upload to YouTube, as they won't have to do any scaling on their end.


          Option #2: Keep your footage as it is, at 1280x1024, with a 720p comp.  You won't get the entire image in view, so you'd have to pan back and forth.  Quite a pain.


          Option #3: Re-record your footage at either 1080p or 720p, and use the same comp size in AE.


          Let me know if you have any other questions.

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            TheSiProject Level 1

            Thanks a lot Josh


            I appreciate the quick response


            I havesince recorded the next two episodes on the series in 1280x720 - (I changed the resolution on my comp) i believe that the game I am recording is part of the issue as there is no option internally to change the resolution, it seems to simply run off of the monitor resolution.


            I'll be going home tonight and rendering out the new 1280x720 video and uploading to see if this reolves the issue however I appreciate your suggestions and will probably end up using option 2.


            I've noticed that rendering out 1280x720 also takes longer. (I have a 10sec intro video that when originally rendered took like 1 min in 1280x1024 but went to 14mins when I did it in widescreen - Is that normal)


            I know i'm asking loads of questions but I just want to cover off what I'm doing, i've made loads of effects in AE but never really had to worry about resolution size etc before.

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              joshweiland Level 2

              Hmm...there shouldn't be that much of a difference in rendering.  What format are you rendering to?  Was it the same format for both resolutions?


              And how did you create the 1280x720 version?  Did you edit your 1280x1024 comp and/or scale contents?

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                TheSiProject Level 1

                both were rendered out with the same settings with the exception that the comp size had changed from 1280x1024 to 1280x720. I thought it was a bit strange. I'll have to go home and render out the larger screen size again to get a comparison. all videos are rendered to .mp4 as I've found it saves the most space.


                To get the 1280x720 version i simply changed the resolution on my monitor. like I said I think the game just uses the resolution of the screen rather than any internal options for res. I then just made a 1280x720 comp. I haven't had the chance to render it out yet but that is the next task.


                I find that when I scale the 1280x1024 video it squashes the image to much.

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  You should be using the YouTube HD preset in the Adobe Media Encoder and your comps should be either standard HD 1080p or 720p. No matter what you upload to YouTube they will process the footage and set up the other resolution options.


                  The important thing here is that youTube videos are either 16X9 or 4X3. Anything not at that picture aspect will end up with black borders at the top or on the sides. There is absolutely no way to override this. It cannot be done. The only way you can provide non standard video frame sizes to the public over the Internet is to use a codec that supports odd frame sizes and load it on your own server. All streaming services have standards and they are the same frame size.


                  If you want to see your entire screen capture then you should either set your screen resolution to 1920 X 1080 and capture that or simply scale your screen capture footage or project so that it will fit into a standard HD comp.


                  Saving a few KB in file size is not what you are looking for. The best picture and sound quality you can get in a streaming format is. That can only be achieved using the Adobe Media Encoder. The YouTube Presets are already optomized for the best you can get with this software for this delivery format. There is no need to re-invent anything. Just use the presets.