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    Kuler not able to import images from computer


      I use Kuler to pick color themes from images and I can't seem to find the import image icon....? The old Kuler site worked great.... Capturing colors with an iphone is not as practical as importing existing images that are already saved on my computer....

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          I agree. I've been searching for this function thinking I must be missing it somewhere, but yes, it seems to be gone now. I'm not sure why that function would disappear.


          I love the Kuler app, too, but the ability to load something from my computer into Kuler to build a color theme was super useful.


          Now, the only workaround I can figure is to email something to myself, save it to my phone, and then load the image into the Kuler app, then login with a browser on my desktop computer and snag the .ase file.


          That's not a very streamlined workflow.

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            JDTiZo Level 1

            Actually, I've just noticed this from the Kuler team's thoughts on the redesign:


            Create a theme from an image: We know many users really like the “Create from an Image” feature.  Unfortunately, this feature was not ready for the new site launch.  So, rather than launching a buggy or half-baked feature, we decided to take a bit more time to get it right.


            We intend to add this feature to the site as soon as it’s ready.  Until then, you can use the free iPhone app to create themes from images.


            So, it looks like that feature is coming back soon.


            More here: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5365181#5365181