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    XFL - the library folder is empty - the images aren't saved there

    Lasciere Level 1

      I am using Adobe Flash Professional CS6 Version on Windows 7 Home Premium w/ SP1


      I am learning and using the AdobePress Classroom in a Book series.


      The instructions are easy enough - however when the book has the user save a project as an uncompressed XFL - it says that images from the library will be in the library folder.  (Making it easier to exchange projects between team members or quickly changed out images, etc.)


      When I use "save as" and select the xfl option - the new folder is created with the different files as indicated - however each time, the Library folder is empty.  Why is this? (This is the perspective when looking at the folder and contents from windows explorer.)


      I have searched the forums - one other person asked the same question but received no answer, another asked a simlar question and was told to save it to a new directory.  I tried saving it to a different location on my harddrive, however the Library folder still does not contain the .jpg images.


      I am able to progress in the book despite this glitch, but would like to know what to do to have it work as intended.  As a educator looking to learn and develop interactive lessons for my students - there is an obvious advantage to being able to simply swap out pieces and basically recycle my work.


      Thank you for your time and any pointers you may have to help me understand this mystery.