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    PPro CC Bug? - Audio Tracks intermittently not in Export

    Keith Moreau Level 1

      I have just acquired Creative Cloud primarily for Premiere Pro CC and After Effects. Though I like the snappiness of Premiere Pro CC (On Mac OS 10.8.4) , I've actually had to go back to Premiere Pro 5.5 because I can't get any real work done right now until some bugs are fixed.


      The big bug is the lack of Mulitcam support - it's broken - don't waste your time using it until it's fixed.


      The other bug I've just discovered is that some audio tracks which play back fine in the project don't export. I have a multiple track sequence and one track in particular, a .WAV file audio sometimes isn't in the exported file (a H.264 file - Vimeo HD preset).


      It does sometimes appear in the export, just not every time, - it's random and therefore I can't rely Premiere Pro CC for my work, I've already wasted a couple of days on these bugs which should have never gotten in the released software.


      Has anybody else seen this audio bug?


      Thanks much!