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    Difficulty creating new folder for import - LR5

    CSS Simon Level 3

      I'm having a problem creating a new folder for import in LR5. 


      When importing, if you are copying images, you choose the folder to import into.  If you want to create a new folder, you can right-click a folder (Windows, not sure what in Mac) and choose "Create New Folder...". 


      However, if I create a new folder, it doesn't then show in the folder list in the import dialogue.  I have to exit the import, and click import again before the folder I've just created shows in the list. 


      Is that just me?  It used to show up immediately in LR4, but not in LR5. 


      Sorry if this is an issue already flagged-up (or if it's just me!)

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          Mandhir Bhatia Adobe Employee



          Could you guide me with the exact location where you are trying to create the new folder.


          Is it the Internal HD or and external Hard Disk, Memory Card etc.

          Also can you please get me exact workflow you are following so that we can test at our end.




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            CSS Simon Level 3



            Thanks for the reply.


            Here's what I do, in gory detail:


            1. Memory card in external USB CF reader, images stored on an internal HD. 
            2. Click Import in LR, then LR finds the CF card and shows previews, I select the ones I want as normal.
            3. In the Destination panel, LR highlights the last folder into which I imported, as the default.  The selected folder is an internal hard drive, in this case path is "D:\Photo Album\2013\13-07 Max Graduation"
            4. I want a new folder next to the one I used last, so I right-click the parent of the highlighted folder ("D:\Photo Album\2013"), and select "Create New Folder..."
            5. A Windows folder dialogue box opens, and I click "New folder" towards the top.
            6. It creates a new folder, with the name "New folder", and highlights the name.  I change it to (e.g.) "Test".  That creates a new folder "D:\Photo Album\2013\Test".
            7. I make sure it's highlighted, and click "Select folder"
            8. That takes me back to the LR import dialogue.  However, in the "Destination" panel, there's no longer a folder highlighted, and the new folder I've just created is not visible. 
            9. I click Cancel (and go back to Library module) then click Import again.
            10. Voila!  Now the new folder I created previously is now visible.


            Am I doing something wrong?  I'm sure this is exactly what I did in LR4 and it worked, but in LR5 a new folder I create this way isn't visible unless I exit the import dialogue and start again. 

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              Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

              I'm pretty sure that I've seen similar reports recently, although in a quick test just now it all worked perfectly normally.


              One thing though....wouldn't it be practical to allow Lightroom to create the new folder for you by using the "Into Subfolder" option, i.e. select "D:\Photo Album\2013" as the Destination folder, then select "Organize Into one folder" and check the "Into Subfolder" box and type the name of the desired sub-folder in the entry panel (e.g. Test), then click Import. No need to mess about trying to create the sub-folder first.

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                Charles Vorndran Level 1

                I'm seeing the same problem in LR5 installed on OS X Lion Server. 

                I'm using an external 2 TB drive to store my catalogs and images.  This is the exact same drive that I used previously when I used LR 3.6 on Windows VISTA.  I never saw this problem in the VISTA environment wth LR 3.5.


                I can confirm that when I right click in the Destination window and choose Create New Folder, Finder opens and a folder is definitely created.  However when I select Choose with this new folder highlighted, the destination window view does not update to reflect the new folder.  As mentioned by CSS Simon, the only way to make that happen is to cancel out of the import and retry. 

                It sure looks like a bug to me.  Lightroom is simply not updating that view.

                One temporary suggestion might be to create the folder before starting the import process.  That way, if you do selective importing, you'll only have to make your selections once.  I've thought about that each time I run into this problem but I never remember to try it. 

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                  CSS Simon Level 3

                  It's an irritating bug, but as you say there is a work-around: create the new folder first (in Library Module), and then click import.  I've not thought of that when I first posted this problem, but now that's what I do. 

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                    LR 5.2

                    OS X 10.9


                    Confirmed bug.

                    Workaround: Cancel the Import and try again--new folder shows up.  Or, create folder in Library and then Import.

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                      richardplondon Level 4

                      Lightroom has been designed on the expectation that after identifying a parent destination, it will be responsible for making any new subfolders that are to do with the imported set of images.


                      So it is probably not on the lookout for new subfolders that may appear midway through the process, which it has nothing to do with.


                      Beside the automatic subfolder making options, there is this feature right inside the Import screen:



                      .. which seems to deliver the desired outcome more quickly and easily IMO.


                      You just type the new subfolder name into the box I have highlighted.



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                        brooksbp Level 1

                        Just above the yellow circled 'Into Subfolder' is a '+' button.  Adding a new folder via this mechanism should reflect it in the folder higherarchy below.  The user is always right.

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                          richardplondon Level 4

                          I agree that LR certainly should be showing any new folder however it is made - though I don't know what event would trigger that, if the change is made within an OS browser window as the OP has found.


                          Instructing LR to do things from within its own interface is just smoother, in my experience... meaning, all the OS operations happen out-of-sight. I suppose that way, Adobe only have to test their own code, and issue quite simple and low-level instructions to the OS.


                          Even in normal circumstances, since version 7, Windows itself is intermittently forgetful about updating file browser windows

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                            Hi Simon, 3 years later i have same difficulty(. Maybe its a prolem with win7?

                            Did you manage to solve this problem?