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    actionscript vs html5 and javescript

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      hi, i would like to ask you if you can tell me about the differencies between actionscript , html5 and javescript or tell me if there is same form of documentetion about this thing. Also i want to know what excactly does  Adobe edge uses to build amimations and how it is different from adobe flash. similarities and differencies beetwen flash and edge.

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          kompoti, there is no need to compare Flash and Animate! I was a Flash enthusiast for years - Flash is dead now!


          Look forward, fire up your Google engine, go to - say - OReilly's and buy at least the HTML5 bible, the Javascript bible and search Amazon for good Animate books (o.k. the last is the toughest part since there are not out much yet). Check out Animate's test version and play around. Read Adobes docs about Animate and the Animate JS API 2.0 - and be welcome here again.



          Nowone here has the time to teach you the differences between Actionsscript and Javascript (there are not much!) here, nothing to say about HTML5. This forum is to get help, ideas and solutions - not class!

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            I was programming with Flash too. This is the core discussion:


            Things we make in flash requires Flash player to run on top of browsers (like an additional layer to convert/translate it). Regardless of hassles to update flash player for viewing flash contents and SEO worries, this system also consumes more energy when executed, which is critical for mobile devices and more efficient devices yet to come. Therefore, although actionScript is a much more beautiful language than JavaScript (my opinion), but JavaScript is now superior because it is Native to browsers. HTML5 like HTML translates the layout of the raw content to browsers. CSS modifes the layout further, and you can use JavaScript and its libraries like Jquery to animate, interact things more artfully. Adobe Edge is a product that tries to help designers focus on timeline based animation(like flash) without worrying so much on how to syntax CSS and Jquery. When launching the software you can see CSS related Control options on your left and timeline actions translates into javascript. So you have this platform that lets you move and animate things the way you did in flash, only this time, trying to produce a WEB-FRIENDLY output, instead of a SWF file for instance. you get a HTML file and bunch of js files which are healthy stuff. I think flash is still a kick *** animation and interactive software, i keep using it for stand alone presentations and project demos, it only lost its use for browser related productions. As a flash designer you ll be disappointed first by starting Edge, but soon you ll pick up speed IF you care to learn more about CSS and JS of course because u need to use the coding panel if you were a hard core actionscript developer, timeline alone is never enough. There are enough similarities for you to not miss Flash. But you ll miss actionScript. just the joy of calling a symbol and asking him to listen to an event wasssss soooo CUTTTEeeeee....the language was meant to talk to stuff like a "puppeteer". so genius. the HTML CSS stuff r boring structural formats, javascript is DUMb actionscript in my opinion, Jquery is smart in its own way but not beautiful, very efficient though. anyway:


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