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    Dreamweaver wysiwyg with templates and no html


      I really want to be able to build simple, yet compelling one-page landing pages on Dreamweaver with no html knowledge, probably by editing pre-existing template. Question is, will I be able to, you think?         


      I am really in a dilemma and really appreciate your feedback!


      Thank you!!



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          David_Powers Level 7

          If you have an existing template, you can probably get by without any knowledge of HTML, but you will be limited to replacing existing text and images. HTML is actually very easy to learn. Most of the tags are self-explanatory or use the initial letters of what they represent (<p> for paragraph, <h1> for main heading, <h2> for second-level heading, and so on). What you might find more difficult is changing styles with CSS. Knowledge of both HTML and CSS will make working with Dreamweaver much easier. Dreamweaver generates the code on your behalf, but you need to understand what it's for.


          If you don't want to learn HTML and CSS, you might be better using Adobe Muse. However, I don't think you will be able to use existing templates with Muse unless they're designed specifically for Muse. There's a separate Muse forum, where you will get better advice on that subject.