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    Plugin to do something like mail merge with images?


      I've done some searching but haven't found quite what I'm looking for. I thought I'd throw this out there for some brainstorming before thinking about writing a plugin to do this.


      What I'd like to have is an Lr plugin where I choose one or more images and it spits out a PDF per image. That PDF would have an image thumbnail embedded, maybe some image metadata (e.g. title) inserted, etc. I'd want this to somehow insert all of that into a template I provide that has some static text and formatting that doesn't change. Possible? Does this already exist?


      Background on the problem: when I sell a print, I supply an info sheet like what I describe above: it has the image thumbnail, the title, plus my "form letter" type of info, i.e. my logo, contact info, details about the ink and paper, etc. I recently had to generate dozens of these by hand which was tedious. Wondering if there's a better way.


      Thanks for any ideas,