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    invoke windows sound recorder in host machine by flex application



      I have a flex application which provides option to invoke windows sound recorder in client machine. User provides path of windows sound recorder exe file and using 'navigateToURL('path of recorder given by user)' method i plan to invoke the recorder in client machine.

      While executing this code in flex builder it runs properly and invokes recorder. Then i deployed the flex application in a server and requested using internet explorer. But this time it does not invoke recorder. The error messge it displayed is gi ven below :
      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
      SecurityError: Error #2148: SWF file http://localhost:8080/flex/bin/DEVM.swf cannot access local resource C:\WINNT\system32\sndrec32.exe. Only local-with-filesystem and trusted local SWF files may access local resources.
      at global/flash.net::navigateToURL()
      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

      I think it is a security issue of sand boxes. Anyway i tried to make the directory where exe file is kept (ie. system32) as a trusted location using 'Global security settings panel'. But that also did not solve the problem. I think only swf files, not any other files, in the trusted local directories can be accessed by the remote flex application. Is it right ???

      Anyway i dont wish to keep any swf file under 'local-with-filesystem' sandbox in client machine.

      Can anybody please help me to resolve this issue please ....