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    Elements 10 Organizer not fully closing


      I've been having issues on a Windows 8 PC with Photoshop elements 10 since I've gotten it in Dec 2012,  When I close Organizer, the windows is closed.  But I can't relaunch.


      If I bring up Task Manager, I still see two items running,  like Photoshop 10.0.exe and something similar.  



      To be able to re-launch, I've only found three options:

      1) restart the PC

      2) use Task Manager and "End Task" for the two entries

      3) run a batch file with "taskkill /f /FI "IMAGENAME eq Photoshop*"



      The user on this PC is getting very upset and frustrated.   His work around is a sign on the "DON'T CLOSE PHOTOSHOP!"


      We do not have the problem on the two PC running Windows 7.


      In January we tried the recommended turning off the media analysis from organizer

      1. Launch Orrganizer

      2. Press Ctrl + K to launch preferenees dialog

      3. Goto Media-Analysis tab

      4. Uncheck all options for Auto  Analyzer