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    Adobe InDesign CC Interactive PDFs


      Our inhouse design department has been using CC for about two weeks now. I'm trying to use the animation features in InDesign and then export the PDF with the animations working and then upload that PDF to our website.


      The PDF exports correctly and the animations work properly when viewing in Adobe Acrobat Pro, but once uploaded to the website via our FTP, the animations are lost and there's nothing I can do to get them to work.  It just appears as a static image.


      I've been looking around the forums for some answers and can't seem to get a good answer on this.


      What am I doing wrong, any help would be appreciated.  If possible, I'm needing to avoid anything that involves Flash as the animations need to be viewed on iPads.  Originally I thought I would place animated GIFs into InDesign and export, but that doesn't seem to work either. I'm pulling my hair out as honestly, a lot of this is very foreign to me.