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    Giving print propertys with interactive buttons

    Kevin Mol



      Is it possible to give print propertys with an interactive print button, I know that if you create a button you can only select "print" and then It will pop up the regular print window.


      What I want to do is (for example i have 50 pages) print page number 26, now if I use the normal way of the button I will just get my normal print menu and my user has to input manualy if he wants to print page 26 only.

      What I want the interactive document to do is do it for him. If he selects the print button on page 26 he just has to click print and the printer will allready know what to print and what not to print.


      In short:


      My document has 50 pages.

      Page 1 has the table of contents and a print ALL

      Page 2 - 50 I want to create a print PAGE button so only the user has to press print


      Is this even possible?


      (If not wouldn't this be a great feature request?)


      Currently I am using CS 6


      Thanks in advance,