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    own workflow process step (java) not listed in the generic Process step component

    u005078 Level 1

      Based on the description Extending Workflow Funtionality I have used this sample to create a bundle with the CRXDE Development Environment. Almost just copying the code from the page (had to make some adjustments to correct program errors in this sample) an then build bundle. According to Note 2 this program should be seen in the list supplied by Process step Component when editing a workflow. But it is not there.




      public class MyWorkflowProcess implements WorkflowProcess {


          @Property(value = "An example workflow process implementation.")

          static final String DESCRIPTION = Constants.SERVICE_DESCRIPTION;

          @Property(value = "Adobe")

          static final String VENDOR = Constants.SERVICE_VENDOR;

          @Property(value = "My Sample Workflow Process")

          static final String LABEL="process.label";


      What do I need to do else?