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    Positining loader clip

      Hello (again),

      I am building a gallery for a photographer.

      The setup: one large mc loader on mainstage (myLoader_mc). Several movie clip thumbnails contained in one large movie clip. You click on the thumbnail, large image loads into myLoader_mc. I am using a purchased component from extend studios for my transitions.

      The problem: my jpgs are of different height and width. I want to keep using the same movie clip to load the images (myLoader_mc) but position the loader with different x and y coordinates for each loaded image so that it is centered on the stage. I am using the following script but the loader clip is stuck in the position defined by the first thumbnail. the script is in layer 1, frame 1 of the movie clip containing all of the thumbnail movie clips.

      th1_mc.onRelease = function(){
      myLoader_mc._x = 162;
      myLoader_mc._y = 5;
      th2_mc.onRelease = function(){
      myLoader_mc._x = 282;
      myLoader_mc._y = 5;

      The image loaded by thumbnail 2 is stuck in position on thumbnail 1. Need to change this dynamically no matter which thumb is clicked.

      I had also tried creating different empty movie clips to accomodate each different sized jpg, but I could not get the previous loader clip to unload when another thumbnail was clicked. The previos clip would just stay on the stage. I was using this AS:

      th1_mc.onRelease = function(){


      Any help is appreciated and I hope I have explained this clearly enough. If you help me solve this, i will toast my next drink to you.

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          clbeech Level 3
          construct function with a MovieClipLoader instance that you can use to load the images, instead of using loadMovie. Why? you might ask, because the MCL class has event listeners and handlers you can invoke to perform functions, particularly once the mc has been instantiated on the timeline, whereas previous to that time, you cannot calculate a position on an unkown width and height (ie. the image). By constructing the MCL within a function, you will be able to call to the function and pass a parameter String for any image, from any button. Someting like this:
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            dsmflash Level 1
            I tried it and the images that are narrow are still stuck to the left tied to the upper left reg point. I really don't know what to do at this point. I don't think flash will let you center images of different sizes in the same clip. Maybe in the future. I'm just going to put another sized clip in frame to and do a go to and play. Right when you think flash can do anything, right?
            What changes do you make to the stage width and x and y coordinates or do you leave as is? I've never used loader clip function before.
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              clbeech Level 3
              hmmm ... it should have worked, let's see, I do it all the time, try changing the function coding to:
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                dsmflash Level 1
                i tried the first code again, and it centers it perfectly. now i just need to figure out how to get my transitions in there. i'm using a third party component. however, i'm just happy about being able to center different sized images in the came clip. I'm still a little confused by the code, but its pretty cool.
                Can i attach the progress bar component to he movie clip?

                thanks for your help.
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                  dsmflash Level 1
                  I just realized that its loading my image into the movie clip where my thumbnails are. i want the images to load into a clip on the main timeline which is myLoader_mc. the images are loading into a clip in the same clip as the thumbnails. i'm solving one problem and getting another. does your code go in the thumbnail movie clip or main timeline? also how do you give the generated movie clip an instance name because i need to attach my component instance to a movie clip instance.

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                    clbeech Level 3
                    good deal, I thought I was off my rocker for a minute there! LOL!! :)

                    yse you can target a different clip (eg. myLoader_mc) instead of the generic mc I'd created there. But I would leave the generic mc instance but change it to a child of the myLoader_mc, which I assume is registered at 0,0 within the frame-space that you're working in, this way you're adjusting the loaded clip's position and not that of the original instance. so change this line in the 'loadImage' function to:

                    var mc = myLoader_mc.createEmptyMovieClip('mc', 0);

                    also by doing so within the function, each time a new image is loaded it will 'replace' the instance at level 0, not requiring you to remove the previously loaded image (nifty ;)

                    and yes, you can create a loader bar, which is just another one of the handy features of using the MCL class. It has a handler called 'onLoadProgress' which updates on each data write to disk, so depending on how you have you're loader bar set up (and what instance names and method of indication and so forth) you can use the handler to calc the downloaded percentage and update the pbar. So now I'll add this function to the updated function code, and you will need to determine how to hook it up to your pbar.

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                      dsmflash Level 1
                      Now nothing loads. I don't think this is possible. I'm just going to create different movie clips in different frames and stick to a go to and play and load movie scheme. I got in over my head on this one. AS is way over my head, going to stick to the basics.

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                        clbeech Level 3
                        hold on, don't give up, you're almost there :) just cause it doesn't work at the moment doesn't mean it won't, there's just something that's out-of-wack. This is definitely possible, I have an example of something similar: HERE

                        Though this loads things a little differently, but the principles are the same (but this is totally code driven also);

                        Can you post your file, and I'll take a look ;)
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                          dsmflash Level 1
                          Nice gallery. However, the code gave me a headache and I had to take some aspirin. I deleted my project and starting from scratch, so there is nothing to post. I found a loader component and some good effects for about $90 and I'm going to go that route. I don't have the time to figure all this out. Have to get this project done "ASAP. This is probably my last Flash project anyway, as Flash is too difficult to work with and no one will pay the extra for Flash sites these days anyway and I'm looking to cut some stress out of my life. I'm strictly a designer and have no clue about code, whether AS or otherwise. I'll leave the hard stuff to you guys, because it looks like you know what you are doing.
                          Thanks for your time.
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                            clbeech Level 3
                            You're welcome, although I'm sorry to hear that, you were very close.

                            the code in that particular example was meant to drive the whole thing, you'll notice there nothing in the Library, so yeah, it's a little complex.

                            Dont' give up on Flash though, using the timeline alone has enough benfit to make it a very good option, it's been around a long, long time, won't be going out anytime soon, and more and more sites are being developed using Flash and Rich Media. Goodk Luck though, deep breath ... and relax :)
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                              dsmflash Level 1
                              Well, I guess we could put some closure to this thing, I don't like loose ends. Not that i will ever remember any of it but here's my code:


                              var mcl:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader(); // create a new MovieClipLoader object
                              _root.loader2_mc._visible = false; // make the container MC invisible

                              var lis = new Object(); // create an event listener object
                              lis.onLoadInit = function() {
                              mc._x += (Stage.width - mc._width) /2;
                              mc._y += (Stage.height - mc._height) /2;
                              _root.loader2_mc.visible = true; // make the loaded content visible
                              _root.loaderfx.initEffect(); // initialize the effect
                              _root.loaderfx.startEffect(); // start the effect

                              mcl.addListener(lis); // add the listener object to the MovieClipLoader
                              mcl.loadClip(img, mc); // load the image

                              th1_mc.onPress = function() {

                              th2_mc.onPress = function() {

                              Much to my amazement (ha, ha) nothing happens. this is just from a generic test file as i deleted the original. i have a component attached to it and what i have done is blended the code the knuckleheads at extend studio gave me and what you have given me, which has turned into Actionstein.
                              does it matter if you use "lst" or "lis"? Was wondering about that.
                              Anyway, all i was asking was to load images of different sizes into the same movie clip and have them all centered.
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                                clbeech Level 3
                                OH!!! so close, just missing a few things. Sorry I've been busy the last few hours.

                                I'd like to know the code for the two functions: initEffect() and startEffect() , and what are they suppose to do.
                                Next, where is this code located, on the main timeline? or in an MC?

                                just one biggy here though, there's no 'loadImage()' function ... must have gotten lost in transit :) also I'm just guessing without knowing the code, that the two 'Effects' should be in the onLoadInit handler.

                                So really man, it's still close, not really that much left to do just get 'er hooked together. so the way I see it now, the code should look like this: