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    Changing a part of a web address in all the topics in a project




      I have a situation here. I have multiple WebHelp projects which in turn have 100s of topics. Now each of this help topic has a hyperlinked text which is linked to a Web address for example http://ablnxtestvm89:8080/ABCD/ABRoot/XY3/IJ2/<different files>.htm. Each link will be pointing to a required htm file in the required folder. As you will see the ABCD folder contains all my required external files. Now what if I move this ABCD folder to a different server i.e. ablnxtestvm89:8080 changes. Is there a way to replace the old server name with a new server name in one place and wherever this server name appears in the hyperlink in any topic, it changes automatically everywhere?


      By the way, I am using Robohelp 6 and am generating WebHelp. I am also planning to move on to Robohelp 10. So would appreciate if I can get a solution for both these versions.


      Thanks and regards,