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    Unauthenticated sources on chrome.




      I have put together a little promo for a theatre show. This has been a total learning curve for me. I am a theatre designer and stop motion animator but I thought I would like to give edge a go (I'm hooked). I knew nothing about code before starting and through the wonders of this forum have I miraculously achieved this little game.


      Its a severed head drag and drop game with animations.


      The problem is that chrome isnt too happy about loading it. I get the little grey shield with "this page includes script from unauthenticated sources". I can choose to load unsafe script and it works perfectly. Works fine in firefox (but I guess its just less bothered about the sources).


      I have had a look at it with the JavaScript Console but this is beyond me. Strange thing is that an earlier version I did using the same foundation of js files worked fine and this is just a bulked up version.


      Heres the link to the page




      And files





      thanks in advance!