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    Publish Now doesn't always overwrite?


      Hello --


      I have run into this issue several times over the past few years, but becoming very frustrated.  Often, we will create a training and launch to a team of approvers who come back with a tweak to audio, or a new attachment.  I make the change and publish to my Adobe Connect Server and because it is something I already pubished it asks if I would like to "Publish Now" and overwrite what I already have.  I choose to proceed with that, and when I go back to use that link sometimes it is updated, and sometimes it is not.  Does this happen to anyone else?


      I have tried saving the PPT, Presenter file with a different name to avoid this but the system also seems to know something about the file and when I hit publish, the Adobe Server recognizes it by its old name and often asks if I would like to Publish Now and overwrite.  I realize that I can us the other options, but wondering why this happens.

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          Mr Sahu Level 1



          Whenever we launch any connect content or course  on browser, it downloads some file into temp folder. so next time you modify the content and relaunch again,

          The URL of the content remain same , so browser does not download the content again. This is the reason , sometime you are unable to see the changes .


          Try clearing all the browser history and cache of the browser and relaunch the adobe connect content or course again.

          This time you will be able to see the changes.


          I hope this is the case happening with you.

          If not , Kindly explain a scenario with certain steps to reproduce the issue.




          Adobe Presenter Engg Team

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            flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            You can also use the key-command Ctrl+F5 to refresh the page without using your cache.