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    Indesign CS6 data merge not positioning correctly on the page.

    RhondaSmith63 Level 1

      July 3, 2013

      I'm using Indesign cs6 ... I've been working in indesign since cs.  I've done many complicated data merges in 5.5 and before but now in CS6 when I do to create the merged pages it centers my first one and throws the rest off the page.  I'm talking about multi-images to a page.  Single to a page works great.

      Also, I was working in windows xp and now I'm on a Windows 7 machine.  Not sure if that makes a difference but thought it was worth mentioning.

      I have tried all the settings within the data merge windows.

      I have tried placing it on the page in different places but when it merges it's always in the center (the first item). 

      I've looked for fixes, plug-in, patches online and found nothing that will help.

      I have run out of things to try and finding no help or fixes on the adobe website.

      I have a job with 1200 pieces (4 up) coming up soon and I don't want to have to correct each page individually.

      Thanks in advance