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    InDesign TOC text jumps a page for no apparent reason - HELP!



      I hope someone can help, this is driving me nuts!

      I've inserted a TOC in my InDesign (5.5) document, and it's all going well apart for the fact that at one of my entries, the text just jumps a page for no apparent reason, so I find myself with a few entries on the first page, then a big blank until the next page. There are no weird characters, no settings to span columns. There is no other object on the page that it might wrap around.

      If I try to delete the entry, then it does the same thing to the previous entry that uses the same style sheet, so I'm thinking it could be a style sheet problem, but at the same time, none of that happens to the following entries. I'm really confused and I need to get this TOC to work!

      Can you please help me?