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    ApplicationDomain.getDefinition not working in Release Build for iOS


      I am loading an external SWF file and using ApplicationDomain.getdefination("Slide1") in my Flex4.6 using AIR 3.2 for iOS to get the Embed content inside it.


      It works fine when I compile in Debug Mode(Fast) but gives Ref Error 1065 (See Error Line* below) on Ipad when compiles in Release Mode(Standard).


      Any help/sugestion is appriciated.


      The sample code in my actionscript class looks like :-


      var request:URLRequest;

      request = new URLRequest(strSwfPath);


      var rslLoader:Loader = new Loader();


      var appDom:ApplicationDomain = new ApplicationDomain( ApplicationDomain.currentDomain );


      var loaderContext:LoaderContext = new LoaderContext(false,appDom);


      loaderContext.allowLoadBytesCodeExecution = true;


      rslLoader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, loadSwfCompleteHandler, false, 0, true);

      rslLoader.load(request, loaderContext);



      private var loadedAppDomain:ApplicationDomain;

      public var embedClass:Class;


      private function loadSwfCompleteHandler(event:Event):void


           loadedAppDomain = rslLoader.contentLoaderInfo.applicationDomain;

           embedClass = loadedAppDomain.getDefinition(slideName) as Class; >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> *Error Line.



      //--------------------- The code inside my external SWF looks like:-




          import flash.display.Sprite;

      import flashx.textLayout.compose.ISWFContext;

      public class Slide1 extends Sprite implements ISWFContext


              [Embed("slide1/sldBg1.png", mimeType="image/png")]

              public static const bg:Class;

              public function callInContext(fn:Function, thisArg:Object, argsArray:Array, returns:Boolean=true):*{


                   if (returns)


                           return fn.apply(thisArg, argsArray);


                   fn.apply(thisArg, argsArray);




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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          By using:


          var appDom:ApplicationDomain = new ApplicationDomain( ApplicationDomain.currentDomain );


          you are setting up a child application domain, and parents cannot see classes in their children, so the child classes can be later unloaded.  There are at least 3 ways to modify your code, but it depends on what you are trying to accomplish.


          Option 1:  You are going to load and unload different copies of SWFs that all contain the same Slide1 definition as the root of the SWF.  In that case, you would force-link Slide1 into the main app, and case the loader's content to Slide1.


          Option 2:  You don't need to ever unload the Slide1 SWF and only load one copy.  In that case, you would set the LoaderContext's applicationDomain to ApplicationDomain.currentDomain.


          Option 3:  You are going to load and unload SWFs but only one has Slide1 in it so you don't want to force link it.  If there is a common interface then it is best to use that interface instead, but otherwise, you would implement on each external SWF a way to access its application domain, or have it find the class for you.  I see that you have implemented ISWFContext on the external class, so you could use that to call the method getDefinitionByName, or you could implement a separate call in each SWF that does something like:


          Public function getMyApplicationDomain():ApplicationDomain { return ApplicationDomain.currentDomain };


          and call that instead.


          Flex builds both mechanisms into the root of every Flex SWF.