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    Presenter Application simulation

    Ben JL

      Hello -


      I currently have installed, Captivate 7 ( through subscription licensing and Presenter 8 (8.0.1) through a 2 year ASA. When I click in the ribbon to start an application simulation and get the following error message.


      'Cannot launch Adobe captivate.


      Check if Adobe Captivate is configured to be run as administrator. If so,configure Microsoft PowerPoint too to run as administraor, and then retry launching Adobe Captivate.'


      Needless to say I have configured both Captivate and PowerPoint to run as administrator as well as deactivating and reactivating Captivate as per a previous answer in this forum. However this made no difference and the error has remained th same.


      Any input would be greatly appreciated.




      Windows 7 Enterprise (x86)

      Intel i5 @ 2.6Ghz

      4GB RAM