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    Photoshop Application Errors when printing to Zebra Card Printer




      I have been troubleshooting and issue for a user and I have run into a wall.

      When printing from Photoshop CS3(Version 10.0.1) to a brand new Zebra ZXP Series 3 card printer in Windows 7 32 bit I am getting this: errors:CS3stopworking.jpg




      I went from an XP machine to Windows 7(with a video card plenty of memory) and still the same errors.  I updated the Zebra printer drivers and firmware. I can test print from the PC just fine. I even tried CS4 with the same result. The user purchased a license for CS3 so I am troubleshooting with CS3 at this moment. My user is way behind in printing id badges for his Fireman and needs this resolved ASAP. I may have to go with Zebra's Card Studio Software if there is no resolution for this Photoshop issue.

      Any help at this point would be greatly appreciated!


      Thank you,


      Ben Collier