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    acessing loaded swf movieclip sctructure on as3

    Lujunq Level 1
      Hi, I'm using external swf files to add skins to an application. Currenlty,I'm loading isolated elements successfully by the use of the Loader class. However, now I want to load a more complex skin structure that will have some movieclips already placed on the loaded swf stage. The question is: when I load an swf that athe edit time, I placed some elements on stage and gave them instance names, how can I access this external swf movieclip structure? It's something like this:

      1. First, I create the external file by placing some elements on its stage, naming these elements instances, like "console_bar" and "console_button".
      2. Then, I load this swf using the Loader class (into a loader called "playerConsole", for example) and, whe it finishes loading I try to access the elements placed on stage:

      playerConsole.console_bar.x = 0; // won't work - how can I access this instance?